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Develop environmental protection and pollution-free industrial clean technology丨Research and development of technology applications based on the premise of environmental protection





Frontier Research on Dry Ice Technology

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Dry Ice Cleaning Technology

Yantai TOOICE Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is a strategic cooperative enterprise of Taiwan TOOICE Dry Ice Machinery Holding Group TAIWAN TOOICE in mainland China; it mainly produces dry ice series equipment for industrial cleaning, mold cleaning, dry ice refrigeration and preservation, including dry ice cleaning machines (Dry ice blaster, dry ice blasting machine, dry ice blast cleaning machine, mold washing machine, mold cleaning machine).

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Dry Ice Manufacturing Technology

Dry ice is made from liquid CO2 in a temperature-controlled pressurized storage container. An insulated wire rated at 40 bar connects the storage vessel to the granulator production unit.

The CO2 is then released in the closed chamber and rapidly expands into gas vapor and dry ice and snow. The dry ice and snow are then compressed into cakes and extruded through die plates to form high-density pellets.

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Automated Cleaning Technology

More and more customers choose TOOICE, product reliability, ease of use, fully automatic online cleaning, unmanned chemical factory is the direction of our future development. In the future, Duochi people will do a better job in further improving the labor working environment and saving production costs for customers. We firmly believe that we will join hands with customers to create a new era of waterless cleaning.

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Why choose Tooice?

Taiwan TOOICE provides production technology, core components and employee training, Yantai TOOICE Electromechanical Technology is responsible for actual production, assembly and domestic factory management, and promotes and sells TOOICE brand products in the Greater China region.

Years of development experience

Benefit from over 25 years of dry ice blasting technology, 45 years of dry ice production solutions and over 85 years of CO2 technology. Everything from one hand.


From Industry 4.0 services to fully automated dry ice production and packaging or high-efficiency dry ice blasting nozzles for optimum cleaning results. Tooice always develop better products for you.


Reliable technology made in Taiwan. Customers in more than 160 countries worldwide are satisfied with Tooice products or individually tailored solutions. You will manufacture your products according to international safety regulations and the highest quality standards.


Through our service technicians and multiple service partners around the world, Tooice’s goal is to help you as quickly as possible. With remote control, we can assist you from anywhere in the world and be at your service anytime.


Yantai Tuchi (TOOICE) Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the development of carbon dioxide application technology and related equipment production and manufacturing; it is a technology-driven enterprise. Since its establishment in 2013, it has developed supercritical carbon dioxide systems, dry ice manufacturing machine series, dry ice cold spray machine series, and industrial cleaning automation series products, which are widely used in scientific research, medicine, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, food, and cold chain fields. Our products have been purchased by many international top companies and have received unanimous praise. They are exported to industrialized countries such as Europe and the United States and also have a certain market share in emerging markets such as ASEAN and the Middle East.

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