Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide, with a freezing point of -78.5 degrees Celsius at normal atmospheric pressure. It possesses characteristics such as high density, high purity, colorlessness, odorlessness, non-flammability, and a slight acidity. Dry ice is known for its ability to rapidly freeze objects, lower temperatures, and sublimate directly from a solid to a gas without any liquid or residue formation. This unique property has earned it the name “dry ice.” Dry ice finds widespread applications in areas such as food preservation, medical transportation, industrial cleaning, and stage effects.

A dry ice pelletizer is a device designed to convert liquid carbon dioxide into dry ice pellets, allowing for the production of dry ice with various diameters and shapes according to specific needs. There are multiple models and specifications available, and one notable option is the QETECH QE20 dry ice pelletizer.

The QETECH QE20 dry ice pelletizer, produced by Yantai QETECH Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd., is an efficient, stable, and intelligent dry ice manufacturing equipment with several advantages:

  1. Compact structure and excellent craftsmanship, achieving a production capacity of 25kg of dry ice per hour. It can be used in conjunction with dry ice cleaning machines or operate independently for production.
  2. The control system employs a high-end imported PLC and a fully touchscreen interface, enabling automated machine operation. This enhances production efficiency, control, and stability throughout the production process, ensuring continuous operation of the equipment.
  3. The machine body adopts a fully enclosed design, with high-quality stainless steel plates as the outer shell, providing a clean and elegant appearance. The open-frame design facilitates maintenance.
  4. Core electrical components are imported and of international brand quality, ensuring reliable automatic pellet production 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  5. Intuitive control system, compact body, and four-directional casters for easy mobility.
  6. The hydraulic pump station and dry ice forming module are built-in, reducing the equipment’s footprint and eliminating the impact of dust on dry ice production.
  7. Capable of producing food-grade dry ice pellets, the machine can be customized by replacing the forming module to produce block-shaped dry ice, meeting the specific requirements of industries such as aviation transportation.

The QETECH QE20 dry ice pelletizer is a high-performance, reliable, easy-to-operate, and easy-to-maintain dry ice manufacturing equipment suitable for various occasions and industries with dry ice needs. For more information about the QETECH QE20 dry ice pelletizer, please visit our website at https://tooice.net or call us at 0535-6527156. We are dedicated to providing professional consultation and services.

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