The article discusses the utilization of dry ice cleaning, specifically dry ice blasting, to eliminate primer from Precision Board HDU. This process results in a flawless surface on Precision Board HDU without any visible signs of surface degradation. The testing methodology involves gently cleaning contaminants from molds, ensuring the material remains undamaged and allowing for repeated cleaning and resealing of Precision Board tools.

Highlighted in the article is the TOOICE high-speed dry ice cleaning machine, TOOICE, renowned for its cutting-edge technology in dry ice cleaning of Precision Board tools.

Dry ice cleaning, akin to sandblasting or water cleaning in concept, distinguishes itself by employing non-abrasive recycled carbon dioxide particles. These particles are gentle on surfaces, ensuring no damage occurs. The kinetic energy and thermal effects of dry ice cleaning effectively sever the bond between contaminants and the surface, facilitating their removal. Notably, dry ice leaves no secondary waste, as the particles sublime upon impact, transitioning from a solid to a gas state.

This method offers a non-abrasive cleaning solution that is both swift and precise, eliminating the need for chemicals or solvents. Importantly, it complies with rigorous industry requirements. Dry ice cleaning proves to be an eco-friendly alternative, extending the lifespan of molds and equipment without resorting to harsh chemicals, wire brushes, or coarse pads.

The article outlines specific applications of dry ice cleaning, spanning compression molding, resin transfer molding, extrusion, pre-preg, and wet lay-up tools.

Tests were conducted on Precision Board PBLT-70 samples, some of which were coated with FSC-88 WB surface primer. The TOOICE, equipped with traditional block-shaped dry ice particles (SP27B model), demonstrated effective cleaning at low pressure. Post-cleaning, the surface of the Precision Board sample exhibited a smooth finish without any discernible degradation.

Accompanying the article are before-and-after images magnified at 400x, showcasing the impressive efficacy of dry ice cleaning on the sample’s surface.

Furthermore, tests were carried out on an uncoated Precision Board PBLT-75 sample using TOOICE’s SP27B dry ice cleaning machine, utilizing standard blocks and 80 psi cleaning pressure. The results indicated successful cleaning, meeting the desired standards.

The article introduces Precision Board Plus HDU tooling board, meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of tool and tool manufacturing applications. PBLT tooling board (up to 200°F) and PBHT tooling board (up to 300°F) offer exceptional machining characteristics and dimensional stability crucial for tool manufacturing. Positioned as an optimal choice for soft tooling and rapid prototyping, it boasts faster processing times and cost-effectiveness compared to alloy or epoxy resin-based alternatives.