Industrial Dry Ice Making Machine 丨 QE15

The QE15 dry ice making machine has a compact structure and excellent craftsmanship. The dry ice output per hour can reach 20Kg. The control system adopts imported high-end PLC and full touch screen operation, which further realizes machine automation and improves production efficiency. The controllability and stability of the production process are relatively enhanced. Guarantee the round-the-clock operation of the equipment.

The dry ice produced has the characteristics of high density and high purity, and relatively reduces the consumption rate.


The main advantage

The fuselage adopts a fully enclosed design, with high-quality stainless steel plates as the outer body, the appearance is neat and generous, and the open frame design is easy to maintain.

The core electrical parts are imported original, international brand quality assurance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, reliable automatic particle production.

Touch LCD panel operation, can set the hydraulic cylinder purging frequency, working time, etc., reducing the error rate of manual operation. All controls are conveniently located on one side, away from the dry ice discharge.

The hydraulic pump station and the dry ice forming module are all built-in, which reduces the footprint of the equipment on the one hand, and on the other hand makes the dry ice production avoid the influence of dust.

Dry ice making machine production process

Dry ice is made from liquid CO2 in a temperature-controlled pressurized storage container. An insulated wire rated at 40 bar connects the storage vessel to the granulator production unit.

The CO2 is then released in the closed chamber and rapidly expands into gas vapor and dry ice and snow. The dry ice snow is then compressed into cakes and extruded through die plates to form high-density dry ice.

QE15 dry ice blasting machine

QE15 accessories

cryogenic hose

Dry Ice Adapter

fuselage key

QE15 parameters

CO2 conversion rate

35% – 45%





Hydraulic oil


Motor Power


Rated power


Dry ice production

15 – 20kg

Intake pressure

16 – 20 bar