Project Brief Introduction

Modular car maintenance non-destructive cleaning equipment is a series of products developed by the technical team engaged in dry ice technology and cleanliness control to meet the service needs of the automotive aftermarket;

This series of products are composed of independent consumables storage, dry ice preparation, dry ice blasting machine (dry ice cleaning machine), and the whole system only needs one person to operate, among which the dry ice cleaning machine is specially designed for the automobile maintenance industry with a dry ice particle size reforming device to make the dry ice sprayed into dry ice sand with a particle size of 0.12-0.3mm, which improves the cleaning efficiency and eliminates the potential damage risk that is most similar to the cleaning, so the equipment can be used for carbon removal, cabin cleanliness restoration, interior renovation, three-way catalytic converter repair and other operations.

Tuchi Technology has been engaged in the research and development of dry ice application technology for 10 years, occupies a position in the industrial field, and its products are exported to all over the world, and are widely used in automobile manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, tire industry, plastic industry and 3C product manufacturing and other fields;

In 2017, the dry ice decarbonizer was selected by many domestic 4S shop groups and automobile service companies, during which this series of products have been upgraded and improved many times, and it is now the most competitive product in the industry.

Model introduction

The 7B-ONE Dry Ice Cleaning Machine can not only effectively clean all kinds of daily pollution, but also effectively and thoroughly clean complex internal cavities, corners, gaps, dead corners, etc. The cleaning and maintenance treatment of the surface of the car can be easily solved. The whole machine is made in China, advanced design and precision manufacturing, which ensures that the equipment can work safely and stably even in harsh environments.

Multi-scene dry ice cleaning applications

7Bone Dry Ice Cleaning and Blasting Machine Parameters

Rated power supply: AC 220V 50HZ                   

Power: 500W

Power wiring specification: 2P+1PE                         

Anti-static ground terminal: M10 binding post, alloy chuck

Dry ice hopper capacity: 15Kg                                      

Dry ice consumption: 0-0.75 kg/min (continuously adjustable)

Specifications for using dry ice: 3 mm diameter column            

Cleaning mode: Uniform spraying of fine particles

Inlet pressure: 3.5-9.7bar                             

Air flow rate: 0.3-1.4m³/min

Compressed air: 1/2” quick coupling              

Operating noise: 50-75db uEquipment weight: 90Kg                                       

Specifications and dimensions (excluding IPC: W500×D650× H750m

Average particle size of overmolding: dry ice particle size 0.15-0.25mm

Nozzle injection area: 30*5mm (flat nozzle is measured 200mm from the workpiece)

Effective blowing speed: 0.1-0.5m/s (with the nature of the dirt is more important, subject to the actual test)

Hand-held endoscope to observe the cleaning effect of the inside of the cylinder.

  • Professional nozzle attachment

**Industrial computer, integrated endoscope and operation management system, can generate operation reports, cleaning image comparison charts.

  • Optional special nozzle for carbon deposition, optional electric nozzle without dead angle, obstacle avoidance hose nozzle.

**Different nozzles can be used for different operation scenarios, such as professional carbon removal, cabin refurbishment, and engine maintenance

Actual application scenarios

Engine dry ice blast cleaning