Introduction to the device

TC45M-V3 dry ice cleaning and blasting equipment is a classic product of TOOICE brand TC45M-V2 series technology upgrade products, in the case of the original main technical parameters unchanged, upgrade the working pressure to 1.5Mpa and ice dredging and anti-blocking system, from the original vibration ice dredging to spin dredging to solve the stubborn problem of dry ice agglomeration and blockage. The frame structure is upgraded to an integrated structure, and the mechanical seal device is upgraded to a pneumatic adaptive gap compensation sealing system, which reduces the trouble of frequent replacement of sealing components, improves the performance and reliability of the product, and achieves maintenance-free operation in the life cycle.

TC45M-V3 is a pellet dry ice cleaning and blasting machine, the compressed air pressure can be used at 0.5-1Mpa to achieve depaint, rust removal and other operationsTC45M-V3, suitable for machinery industry, automobile tire industry, precision aluminum casting industry and other fields of heavy descaling surface cleaning operations. TC45M-V3 has reasonable design, simple structure and easy operation; The performance is stable and the failure rate is low, which is convenient for maintenance and management. It is suitable for continuous production operations.

Compared with the traditional dry ice cleaning machine, the unique technology of TC45M-V3 has less dry ice leakage, less pressure loss, and greatly higher cleaning efficiency, saving operation and time, and reducing dry ice ice consumption.

Key Benefits:

The creatively designed pneumatic adaptive mechanical seal system reduces the number of maintenance and maintenance of sealing components, and the sealing components are maintenance-free within 3 years.

The spinning ice trapping system avoids the noise and risk of loose parts caused by traditional vibrating ice trapping. At the same time, it can crush large blocks of dry ice that have been accumulated.

The pneumatic hose is integrated with an automatic pressure relief quick coupling to prevent potential safety hazards caused by incorrect operation of the disassembly line under pressure.

Upgraded one-piece sheet metal structure, door panel disassembly for easy maintenance.

The ESD cable has an integrated grounding clamp for carbide contacts to break the paint insulation and ground reliably.

The Poor Grounding Safety System (optional) detects the grounding status of the system and automatically shuts down the machine in the event of poor grounding to avoid the risk of static electricity.

The design of the dry ice nozzle is a high-efficiency nozzle designed according to the principle of aerodynamics. The pressure flow rate is optimally matched.

Integrated low-temperature and wear-resistant dry ice hose, long life and good flexibility.

Device parameters

Technical Parameters:TC45M-V3
Dimensions mm: Length: Width: Height with handle:500630800
Dry ice capacity:liter:30
Ice consumption:kg:10 – 180
Air supply pressure:bar:psi:min 6 – max 16min 72 – max 232
Injection pressure:bar:psi:min 2 – max 16min 29 – max 232
Air consumption:Nm3/min:cfm: 3.5-4.5
Compressed air connection:1” Quick coupling connection
Air quality:According to ISO 8573-1 Level 3 ambient temperature below +5°C / 41°F
Power consumption:750 W. 220V – 240V AC 50/60 Hz + PE (GND)
Jet Tube:3/4” Single-tube system
Noises:Noise levels of up to 120 dB depend on the spray pressure, nozzle combination and substrate surface condition