Precision dry ice blasting machine丨 SP27B

The equipment of SP27B precision dry ice blasting machine is simple and portable, and the equipment failure rate is extremely low, so as to realize fast, thorough, non-destructive, residue-free and dry cleaning, and become a good choice for commercial precision cleaning.

SP27B was successfully developed in 2014. After 2 years of internal testing and actual production inspection by users, it proved that the equipment performance is stable and the technology is mature. It was officially mass-produced in May 2017, filling the gap in the market. It is a cold spray surface treatment equipment specially designed for high-efficiency, large-scale, fine decontamination applications. It can be used for mold cleaning of small and complex grooves, complex parts decontamination, dust removal, degreasing cleaning treatment, cleaning suitable for polishing mirror surface molds, polyurethane foaming residue treatment. The precision casting aluminum mold removes the release agent treatment, the decontamination and dust removal process of glass products, plastic products, and leather workpieces is also suitable for the CN precision machining and deburring process of some materials.

SP27B’s unique technology, compared with traditional dry ice blasting machines, has less dry ice leakage, less pressure loss, significantly higher cleaning efficiency, saves work, saves time and reduces dry ice consumption.

The main advantage

Designed for High Precision Cleaning ApplicationsUses granular dry ice, easy to purchase
Dry ice particle blasting, precision cleaningAerodynamic design to reduce air pressure loss
Dry ice particle blasting, precision cleaningReduce water vapor in the air
Extremely low consumption of dry ice, reducing the cost of useIntegrated cable with ground wire to discharge static electricity
extremely low equipment noiseLow temperature resistant explosion-proof dry ice tube
Small size, easy to movePatented self-priming dry ice delivery device
Detachable panels for easy maintenanceIntegrated high precision dry ice grinding system
Safe and easy to operateAir compressor pressure requirements greatly reduced
Detachable panels for easy maintenanceAdaptable to multi-scenario cleaning applications
Safe and easy to operateExclusive patented dry ice grinding technology
Top low temperature mechanical seal technology•干冰消耗调节 666666666666666666666
stainless steel metal frameMovable four-way casters

Application scenarios of dry ice blasting equipment

SP27B uses a secondary extrusion mechanism to re-cast 3mm dry ice particles into dry ice particles below 0.5mm. At the same time, the cleaning efficiency meets the requirements of ordinary large-area cleaning and cold spraying operations. The main difference between SP27B small particle dry ice cleaning machine and ordinary 3mm particle cleaning machine is that the dry ice acting on the surface of the workpiece is distributed in planar contact, and the dry ice is evenly distributed on the surface of the workpiece to achieve seamless coverage. At the same time, due to the smaller mass of dry ice particles after secondary molding, the impact kinetic energy on the workpiece is also smaller, so the risk of impact damage to the workpiece is reduced. Therefore, SP27B has both the high efficiency of ordinary granulator and the advantages of light weight and low impact of brick shaved ice cleaning machine.

SP27B accessories

1/2″ dry ice blasting hose (10mm optional)hand sprayer
16mm compressed air hose (12mm optional)Special safety gear
Special adjustable straight dry ice nozzle (flat nozzle is optional)Related adapters
ESDOne year worry-free warranty
power cable

SP27B parameters

size—–50cm*65cm*75cmdry ice consumption——0.1-1kg/min
weight—-68kgvoltage—-AC 220V/ 50hz
Silo capacity—15kg(Measured when dry ice density is 1.5)equipment power—-500w
Air source input pressure—-3-12barworking noise—-65-100db(Depends on nozzle pressure)
Air source output pressure—-2-10bardry ice pellets—Diameter φ3mm columnar particles
compressed air flow—0.5-1m³/min