Equipment introduction

SP27E dry ice blasting machine is a high-precision dry ice sand cold spray equipment, which is used for deburring and trimming of precision parts processing, and cleanliness treatment of oil, dust and fingerprints of parts in the electronic and optical industries.

The equipment integrates a dry ice reforming system, which can convert commodity general dry ice coarse particles (consumables)

Cut into cube diamond-shaped fine particles with different particle sizes of 0.35, 0.25, and 0.15 mm, suitable for different cleaning processes. (The other specification SP27E output dry ice particle size is continuously adjustable from 0.75-0.1mm) It is suitable for various precision cleaning and surface treatment occasions.

It is used in the electronics industry, medical equipment industry, precision optics industry, and high-tech advanced manufacturing industry to perform non-destructive treatment of workpieces to effectively improve production efficiency, control production costs, and increase production yield.

This model can be integrated with continuous injection module, dry ice granulation unit and industrial robot to form a fully automatic production system.

The main advantage

l Designed for high-precision cleaning applications

l Micro-particle dry ice sand output, precision cleaning, non-destructive cleaning.

l The traditional anti-blocking mechanism of vibration is canceled, and the spinning feeding ice supply system is adopted to prevent the fasteners from falling off and reduce noise.

l The cold spray pressure can be adjusted to suit various usage scenarios with different nozzles.

l Aerodynamic design, small pressure loss, saving consumables, high cold spray efficiency.

l The integrated cable contains a grounding wire, which can discharge static electricity and be safely grounded.

l The pneumatic self-adaptive gap compensation mechanical seal system (ice tray) is maintenance-free during its life cycle.

l An anti-static safety grounding module is optional. When the grounding resistance is less than 500Ω, it will automatically stop to prevent electrostatic hazards. It is especially suitable for use in the electronics industry or in flammable and explosive environments.