TCM120Introduction of Dry Ice Granulator

TCM120 dry ice granulator has compact structure and excellent workmanship. The output of dry ice per hour can reach 100Kg. It can be used together with dry ice blasting machine or as a production machine alone. The control system adopts imported high-end PLC with full touch screen operation to further realize machine automation. , improve production efficiency, the controllability and stability of the production process are relatively enhanced, ensuring the all-weather operation of the equipment.

The dry ice produced has the characteristics of high density and high purity, and relatively reduces the consumption rate. The cylinder design can produce food-grade dry ice pellets, and the ice module can also be changed to block dry ice according to customer requirements to meet the requirements of special industries such as air transportation, and realize custom production and customization.

Equipment advantage

The fuselage adopts fully enclosed design, with high-quality stainless steel plate as the outer body, the appearance is neat and generous, and the open frame design is easy to maintain.

The core electrical parts are imported original, international brand quality assurance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, reliable automatic particle production.

Intuitive control system, compact body, ready to move four-way casters.

The hydraulic pump station and the dry ice forming module are all built-in, which reduces the footprint of the equipment on the one hand and avoids the influence of dust on the other hand.

TCM120 Dry ice pelletizer parameters

CO2 Conversion rate35% – 45%
Hydraulic fluids64HM
Motor power7.5kw
Dry ice yield100– 120Kg
Inlet pressure13 – 20 bar